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Staying Healthy on Vacation

Staying Healthy on Vacation

By Bren Gonzalez

Who’s ready for a change of scenery? I am. The beach is calling me! My family travels a lot, and we’ve encountered our fair share of challenges along the way when it comes to staying healthy on the go. There’s no reason you should put your quest to live a healthy, toxin-free life on hold when you travel. Check out these quick tips that help my family travel safely and stay healthy on vacation.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Did you drink the water?

We’ve all heard the jokes about drinking water in other countries, but if you’ve been affected by that, you know it’s no fun at all. Our go-to is activated charcoal. If someone in our crew accidentally drinks tap water or uses ice made from it, we add activated charcoal to their bottled water. It is known to remove bacteria, alleviating the negative reaction we get when we drink water that hasn’t been properly treated.

Skip the gas station food.

Where are my road trippers? One of my biggest suggestions for staying healthy on the road is to avoid eating and drinking from a gas station. Gas vapors are toxic, and there’s always a possibility that open buffets, fried foods, and the like could be exposed to those vapors. Yuck! Your best bet is to drive a few miles away and pop into a local coffee shop or restaurant. It’s also a great excuse to experience the local flavor.

Be prepared before you board your plane.

Always keep an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on for your kids. If they tend to get nauseous, ask your stewardess for a cup and a ginger ale as you board the plane. You can also bring essential oils for them to smell as the plane takes off. For babies and toddlers, try to hold off on feeding them until the flight takes off. Give them a bottle to suck on—that can help keep their ears from popping. There are also special ear muffs available to help with this. For bigger kids, bring treats they can chew or suck on, like a lollipop, as the flight takes off. Finally, pack snacks and purchase bottled water before boarding. Snacks on domestic flights are scarce these days.

Don’t forget to pack the vitals.

Always research the places you’re traveling to and create a custom mini first aid kit that makes sense for your destination and your family. When we fly, we bring On Guard so we can spray our air vents and wipe down our space. I always travel with vitamins and electrolyte powder. It’s better to have these in case you need them than it is to hunt down special supplies when you reach your destination.

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Stay hydrated and protected.

My favorite vacation spot is the ocean, which comes with a few rules of its own. Stay well hydrated and know the sun timing of the area you’re visiting so you can avoid being in direct sunlight during peak daylight hours. Only a few brands of sunscreen are actually safe and nontoxic, including Alba Botanics, Babo Botanicals and Bare Republic. Then, always use a good nontoxic full-body lotion after being in the sun.

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