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5 Things to Do With Kids in New Boston, Texas

5 Things to Do With Kids in New Boston, Texas

by Nichole Holze

New Boston, TX is a charming town 20 minutes west of Texarkana on Interstate 30, and there are plenty of fun things to do with your
kids to make it a day trip!

1. Head downtown and check out T & P Trailhead Park. This park is also the starting point of a rail turned trail for pedestrians and cyclists. The Northeast Texas Trail runs 130 miles, following an old railroad route. The path is not paved everywhere, but it is a flat and smooth 12 miles from New Boston to Dekalb.

2. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head downtown to Boston General Store and Delicatessen. There you’ll find an old fashioned general store with gifts, decor and toys, as well as a great spot to have lunch.

3. If that’s not your style, you can also check out Popparoni Pizza, or Sabine’s German Bistro. Be sure to check their Facebook pages for hours or closures.

4. After lunch, head to the New Boston Public Library for a bit of down time. The library is open from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

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5. Wrap up your adventure with a stop at our favorite spot: Little Country Greenhouse! Pictured above. This charming garden center has all the plants you could want, including a great selection of indoor plants. Be sure to check out the koi pond, fairy garden and parakeets in the greenhouse. You can also take a tour of their butterfly enclosure, which is absolutely magical. As you wander around, take a look at the chickens and ducks as well. They even have Brahma chickens, which are a “giant” breed of chicken. Last but not least, head inside the store and get some ice cream to cool down and enjoy on your way home.

About the Author: Never afraid of a long drive, Nichole is a homeschooling mom to two and wife to Ryan. Coffee, always, and black, please. You can probably find her scheming up their next road trip while hiking in the woods. Experience-based learning and good books abound in their home school as they chase the spark of curiosity where it wanders on the road less traveled. Read about Nichole’s shenanigans on her blog at luckeywanderers.com.

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