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Parent Profile

Where do you volunteer currently?

I am President of Fouke Parent Teacher Organization. I plan events through-out the year to bring the parents, students and faculty together along side other parents and teachers who are involved in the Fouke PTO. Being a part of this organization allows me to volunteer in my children’s school and help provide opportunities, resources and fun events for them.

I am Vice President of Friends for a Cause Foundation. I have volunteered with FFAC for the past 10 years. I love being a part of such a versatile foundation! We support 7 different causes including pediatrics! Having my kids involved in this organization is one of my favorite parts!

I volunteer with Miller County Fair Association. My son loves all things rodeo, so helping out with our local county fair just makes sense. The group of people that volunteer with this organization are precious. You wouldn’t even know how much behind the scenes work goes into an event like that until you have helped!

I also am an Ambassador for the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. I love being involved with other like minded leaders in the community!

Why is it important to you?

Volunteering is important to me because I thoroughly enjoy helping others no matter the situation. I believe volunteering strengthens your work ethic, sense of community, and builds relationships.

Do your children volunteer? If so, why is that important to you?

I have my kids volunteer alongside me to teach them to be humble. So many children these days expect the greatest things to be handed to them. I always want my children to be thankful for the things they have and learn to work towards goals. Addison & Zoey are dancers at All Rhythm Dance Alley. Mrs. Angie makes sure to involve these qualities as well. Every year the dance studio brings cans and donates multiple buggies of can goods around
Christmas time to the Randy Sams Shelter. They also tour the facility and learn about homelessness in our area.

How do they respond to volunteering and seeing you volunteer?

My children love to help people! My girls do a lemonade stand to raise money for something they’re interested in often, and little brother is right alongside them doing whatever he can to help! The first time my girls helped with an event they were about 5 yrs old. Friends for a Cause had a “Cuttin’ for a Cause” event at Fringe Salon. I hope they continue to always love others & show compassion the way I do.

What do you hope to accomplish with your volunteering?

I always want to be able to better something or someone. Whether it is an event or a situation a person is in, if I see that I am able to assist, I will. I hope that my children see not only the work ethic and hard parts but the end goal in finishing a project or the gratefulness of others when helping them.

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I also plan to reintroduce the idea of Kids for a Cause Foundation that was originally thought about right before Covid. I think it would be great to have a avenue for children to be involved in the community.

What has been your most fun or most successful volunteering event?

My most fun event I have volunteered with is the Friends for a Cause Girls Gift Away. Although we no longer have this event, but it will always be a favorite. Equally fun are the Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances at Fouke Elementary. I was on the planning committees. The students and parents are so grateful to get dressed up for a night to dance and have fun. The smiles on their faces make the stress of planning such an event worth it!
The most successful event I’ve volunteered with is the Friends for a Cause Foundation Rock Out Cancer Concert! We have raised over $45,000 doing this event over the past few years, making it all worth it in the end.

What advice Do you have for busy families who want to volunteer but cant find the time?

I definitely understand having a busy family! My girls are Elite Dancers and my son does rodeos and plays t-ball. I also work full time behind the chair slinging hair – thank goodness for a flexible schedule I make myself!! I thrive in a busy environment. I’d say this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but my passion for the things my kids enjoy doing run deep!
My advice would be to incorperate volunteering in places you already have to be. If your kids play ball, I’m sure there is something you could help with at the ball field. If your kids are interested in a hobby, seek out opportunities to be involved in that. Your children’s school would appreciate volunteers.

How can others volunteer with you?

Others can volunteer with their children’s school by reaching out to their parent teacher organization. Fouke school specifically has several events every year that require volunteers, as well as, donations to be able to achieve goals in place to support the faculty and students.

Friends for a Cause Foundation has a Facebook page you can follow for volunteer opportunities. We have a lot of fun events throughout the year. My favorite is our bunco nights we do supporting different causes in addition to our annual Rock Out Cancer Concert. These events help someone in need and we can always use extra hands &
sponsors to make them happen.

Miller County Fair Association is always needing families who would like to be involved in a family friendly
environment helping support the county fair and other community events they host.

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