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Parent Profile: Mary Adams

Parent Profile: Mary Adams

by Melissa Blair 

Mary Adams,

Occupation:  Executive Director of The First Tee of Greater Texarkana, Texarkana native. Spouse: Mark. Children:  Kyndal 21, daughter Courtney (25) with husband Colton Davis; Mark; Garrett, 16; Kasen, 19; Grant, 22; and Madelynne, 8.


What is The First Tee Program?

The First Tee is a youth development program for children ages 3-17. We provide educational programs that build and reinforce positive character education and development, instill life-enhancing values & promote healthy habits in three areas: Physical Health (Energy, Play & Safety), Emotional Health (Vision, Mind & Family), and Social Health (Friends, School & Community), all done while learning the life-long game of golf.

What core values does First Tee teach that you hope to instill in your children as well?

All of them! There are nine of the core values: Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, and Courtesy & Judgment and I feel each one is of great importance so it would be really hard to choose just one or even two to mention in this article.

What are you currently reading?

I have a very busy schedule but I make time to read my Bible daily. It gives me clarity, focus and energy for the day along with my daily scripture readings & meditations from The Word Among Us. During this Lenten Season I have also been reading A Wondrous Love by Henri J.M. Nouwen & C.S.Lewis.

What’s the favorite book you have read to your kids?

Outside of our favorite Bible Stories it would be when they were little Where the Wild Things Are, the inside cover was filled with jungle leaves and we would try to pick up the book and sneak it open quickly enough to catch a glimpse of the wild things…the anticipation was huge and always left us giggling before the story ever began! Now I am really enjoying Madelynne reading her Magic Tree House and Laura Ingalls Wilder books to me because it gives us an opportunity to discuss the person or time from history that the book contains and opens up another avenue of learning.

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When did you know you wanted to be a parent?

I don’t recall one exact moment in time, however upon the arrival of my first child I will never forget holding her and being flooded with the realization that this beautiful blessing from GOD was “mine” – besides being hit head on with nerves to the point I felt sick – what an incredible responsibility this would be. The sheer joy was like a total adrenaline rush like no other feeling – I wanted to “give her the world and all the love she could bear.” She was perfect!! As was each one after!

What do you tell prospective families the most valuable aspect of the program is?

The First Tee is about the final product. As the participant grows and develops within the levels of the program they are introduced to a continuous learning cycle. For instance, in the beginner levels (Target & Player) one lesson may focus on meeting and greeting skills, such as introducing yourself to someone new; and another lesson will introduce a new participant to proper etiquette. In addition, each lesson will focus on the meaning of a core value such as the word RESPECT, and its application to activities in and outside of class. As they achieve the upper levels (PAR, BIRDIE, EAGLE, etc.), participants are learning how to set goals for themselves and to identify what steps must be taken to obtain those goals, all the while keeping a focus on the use of our NINE CORE VALUES. Continuously through the program, participants are learning to build their “GO to TEAM,” and surround themselves with positive relationships to help keep them on track. Not selecting friendships that will pull them away from their goals, but friendships that will be positive and encouraging. Through the process they begin to anticipate outcomes of their actions and subsequently make better choices to obtain their positive goals. It is truly an awesome and rewarding program for the individual, their families and the community.

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