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Bond With Your Bump

Bond With Your Bump

bond with your bump
By Sarah Lyons

A positive pregnancy test is just the beginning of the loving relationship you will have with your child. As your body begins to change and the time to deliver grows closer, you may feel disconnected from your unborn child. This is normal considering all the new adjustments and worries you may be facing as a mom-to-be. Give yourself the time needed to bond with your unborn child. Try these techniques if you want to form a stronger bond with your bump.

7 Ways to Bond with your Unborn Child


Babies begin to develop hearing during the second trimester and can listen to their mother’s voice and heartbeat. Spend time talking or singing to your baby bump. You may notice that your child will respond with pushes and kicks. Rubbing your belly in response to movements is another way to bond with your unborn child.


Participating in light exercise can be a great way to get in touch with your changing body and bond with your baby. Taking a walk, swimming, or a prenatal yoga class will help you stay healthy and refreshed, and it will give you time to reflect on the miracle of pregnancy.


Sometimes pregnancy can feel surreal until your first glimpse of the baby during an ultrasound. Ask for a printed photo of the scan and keep it on hand. This can help remind you that the baby is growing and changing. Also consider doing a prenatal photo shoot. Many women will see the beauty in pregnancy when it is captured through photography.


Journaling is a great way to record the day-to-day feelings of pregnancy. Write down how you are feeling, your body changes and other observations during pregnancy. This can be for you or for your child to read someday. Some women may also choose to write their child a letter explaining their feelings and excitement in meeting their baby. Putting feelings into words can help a mom-to-be process feelings and adjustments that are happening in her life leading up to birth.


There are many preparations that need to be made before the baby is born. You will most likely shop for clothes, a car seat, stroller, a crib, and register for and attend your baby shower. All of these things will help you get excited for the baby’s arrival. Choosing an outfit to bring your baby home in, decorating your nursery, and planning for life with a newborn will help you bond with the baby also.


Many women find that when they become a mother they instantly have things in common with other moms. Reach out to other pregnant women and discuss how you are feeling and what excites you about the journey ahead. Consider joining a local mom group, or speak to your own mom about what pregnancy and the newborn stage was like for her. Surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through and who can share your excitement for the things to come.


Use your creativity to help you grow closer to your unborn child. Sew a quilt, crochet a hat or blanket, create a scrapbook, paint the nursery, or use your own talents and artistic gifts to make something special for your child. This is a great way to bond with the baby and it will be a keepsake that will be cherished for many years to come. There is no right or wrong way to bond with your unborn child. If none of these suggestions work, find something that feels right for you. Give yourself time and the chance to adjust to the big changes that come along with parenthood. You have a lifetime of love, joy, and great experiences ahead.

Dads Can Bond With the Bump, Too

Dads are an important part of the baby’s life right from the start, but bonding with your unborn child may be difficult for dads because they don’t experience the physical changes women do. Here are some great tips for dads who want to bond with the bump.

Bond with mom.

Stay in tune to your partner’s needs and the challenges she is facing.

Attend birth classes.

Educate yourself on pregnancy, birth and newborn care so you know what to expect when the time comes.

Go to doctor appointments.

Go with your partner to doctor appointments so you can hear the heartbeat, see the sonograms and experience pregnancy with her.

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Talk to baby.

Baby can hear you and get to know your voice, just like mom’s.

Write a letter.

Consider writing down your thoughts and feelings about pregnancy to share with your child when they are older.

Talk to other dads.

Connect with other men who have experienced parenthood.

Snuggle up.

Cuddle with mom and feel for baby’s movements and kicks.

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Sarah Lyons is a mom of six kids including seven year old triplets. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with her family.

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