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Start 2022 With a Healthy Attitude Toward Your Health

Start 2022 With a Healthy Attitude Toward Your Health

by Bren Gonzalez

As a mother of three, I’ve been through a lot with my sons. These last two years have created many unexpected challenges. Instead of fretting over what I can’t control, I’m choosing to begin 2022 with a focus on the importance of my family’s and loved ones’ health.

I’ve noticed that during the pandemic, sometimes the only guidance we have is advice from strangers. As a result, we’ve seen a continuous flow of misleading information about our health and wellbeing. I myself practice bio-individuality, meaning that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I’ve noticed a growing anti-medicine sentiment, but as a well-known lifestyle author said, someone who puts down science is someone who doesn’t know anything about it. Read that again. This couldn’t be more true.

I started my own healing journey because I couldn’t find the right medical practitioners, not because I believe natural products were the only way for me to heal. The truth is, if you have a medical condition, if you catch a virus, if you have an accident, you should seek guidance and treatment from medical professionals.

How do you find the right medical providers for you and your family? Luckily, we now have access to both virtual and in-person treatment. For my medical conditions, I work with functional and integrative doctors to focus on the root cause of my issues. This means we find the problem that creates the health issue while looking at the body as a whole. I practice natural medicine and also take prescriptions. I have a thyroid disease, and I would never Band-aid this disease with only natural products. For example, for an underactive or overactive thyroid, you should have lab work done and then discuss treatment with your doctor. Compound pharmacies can create more natural medications with fewer synthetics, but you still need the active pharmaceutical ingredient to treat the disease.

The same goes for children’s medicine. A new company, Genexa, has recently launched a line of clean medicine that treats common children’s ailments without artificial ingredients. The product line was created by two dads who hired doctors to formulate real organic medicines.

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You are the best health care advocate for yourself and your family. Make 2022 the year you commit to finding qualified medical providers who meet your family’s health needs and mirror your desire to integrate natural solutions into your overall health plan. The natural products market can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to be misled when you aren’t working directly with professionals.

Bren Gonzalez’s Be Healthy By Bren is a lifestyle brand with a healthy approach to living. She shares and offers a variety of services and products. Genexa available here.

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