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Parent Profile: Stephanie Butler

Parent Profile: Stephanie Butler

Stephanie Butler
Occupation: Meal Prepper
Childhood Home: Blossom, TX
Family: Cohen (12) & Mollie (8)

What is your “go-to” parent item that you always have on you?
Water. I know that sounds silly but I always have water with me, and between me and my kids we are always drinking it. If your kids are like mine, they are always thirsty and hungry.

What is the best way you manage healthy meals for a busy family?
I’m a meal prepper, so I always have easy to grab meals and snacks available for convenience. Sundays and Mondays are meal prep days, every single week!

Why is being healthy important to you and your family?
I grew up active, but overweight. I made serious lifestyle changes after having children to get healthy to be able to really enjoy activities with them. I want my children to grow up in a healthy and balanced life, so they don’t have to unlearn constant bad habits. I think if they see me making mostly good eating choices, enjoying a treat sometimes, and moving my body then they will grow up and it be second nature for them, also.

What advice would you give to working families on how to make being healthy a priority?
Plan ahead. We live in such busy schedules, that if it isn’t planned then it’s really easy to pick the easy way out, not exercising or take out. Plan your workouts. Plan your meals. Stick to the plan. And enjoy the progress and satisfaction of sticking to them. There’s nothing more exciting than being able to see something through, hit goals, or do hard things that you didn’t think you were capable of.

What are some great ways to stay active with your kids?
Kids naturally are movers and shakers. Go outside and walk, play, go to the park and enjoy the activities with them! They are little balls of energy and they will love that you’re spending that time and playing with them!

What is your workout routine and how do you stay on track?
I love The Gym at Crossties. I love a crossfit-type of environment, class, supportive gym mates, and that my kids are able to join in workouts with me. The best part about that type of workout is you can scale any workout for any age or ability. I do throw in some extra activities, sometimes. I think the most important part is finding something you truly enjoy doing, so it’s fun and encouraging rather than a hassle.

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What do you and your kids do for fun?
We really just enjoy spending time together. We play outside, we play games, we travel, we dance, and we laugh a lot!

(Photos submitted by Stephanie Butler & ARM Photography)

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