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Let’s Take this Party on the Road

Let’s Take this Party on the Road

by  Ashley Gibbs

My love of parties comes from a desire I have to make everything in life festive and fun. Plus, my kids love the idea of anything so much more if they think I am turning it into their own personal little “party.” 

I had this thought in mind while planning a few upcoming road trips recently.  Hours in the car can be turned into a party, too, right?  Maybe not, but everyone will benefit if travel time is spent with the kids as entertained and happy as possible.  So with spring break and summer coming up, here are a few ideas to help you get prepared to make your little ones feel like you are having a mobile party as you hit the road. 

Create A Travel Binder

Put together a travel binder for each child. It can act as an activity guide and scrapbook for current road trip and future ones, too.The notebook paper can be used for kids to journal what they saw and did each day of vacation as well. 

Stock your binder with age-appropriate activities:

  • notebook paper
  • pencil pouch full of writing utensils
  • stickers
  • color sheets
  • trivia sheets about travel destinations
  • printout of 50 state licenses plate game
  • I spy game sheet
  • a list of facts about travel destinations
  • tick-tac-toe game sheets

Art and Entertainment

It can be helpful to plan ahead one or two travel-friendly themed activities to keep your kids interested and busy.  These can be put together ahead of time in zip-lock bags for each child so when things start getting loud in your car it is easy to grab a bag to pass out.  Here are two ideas:

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Create a theme by watching a movie or reading a book about space, then:

  • Have a “space snack” of UFOs and planets (fruit puff cereal and fruit loops)
  • Put star stickers on black construction paper
  • Watch the movie Finding Nemo, then:
  • Eat goldfish or gummy fish
  • Have kids draw and color what they think it looks like on the ocean floor.

Pit Stop Prizes

Mark towns on a map or make a list of specific rest stops for travelers to look forward to a special prize on the road. Pick up a few goodies at the dollar store, gum, or treats to pass out when you get to that next pit stop.  Make it even more interesting by asking a trivia question from the travel binders and reward a prize to the winner. 

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