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Back to School: Education Article Roundup

Back to School: Education Article Roundup

For many families, heading back to school means it’s time to buckle down and reinforce rules and routines to keep the household running smoothly. We’ve rounded up a selection of school-themed articles from our archives to help give you a little boost as you get ready for the first day of class.

Get Ready for Back to School

These five steps will help you ensure a smoother transition from summer fun to school days. Read more.

For Parents of Preschoolers

Make the Most of Daycare and Preschool

Sending your child to daycare or preschool can be overwhelming, especially if your kid is one who clings to you and cries when you leave. These tips can help you streamline your routine and hone your child’s academic skills. Read more.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Preschool is more than just coloring and pasting. Between group time, activity time and critical foundational education skills, early childhood education gives your children an unmatched learning opportunity. Read more.

Get Organized

5 Genius Organization Hacks to Make Back-to-School Life Easier

Setting up a family paperwork system, homework workspace, lunchbox station and laundry sorting station can help keep your space neat and organized while you do the back to school shuffle. Read more.

Stay Physically & Mentally Healthy

Well-Child Checks: More Than Just a Sports Physical

Well-child visits are critical to kids’ development. Learn why they’re important and how you can prepare for a well-child visit. Read more.

Know When to Stay Home From School

It’s crucial for parents to do their part and know when it is and isn’t okay for their child to miss school. After all, nobody wants their kid to bring home nasty illnesses from school. Read more.

School Nurses: From Minor Pains to a Major Pandemic, They Care for the Whole District

Nurses from Redwater ISD share when you should (and shouldn’t) keep your kids home from school—and how you can collaborate with them to make sure your child stays healthy at school. Read more.

Healthy School Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Ideas

Step away from the Lunchables! Looking for healthy ideas your kids will eat? Check out these organic, gluten free recipes. Read more.

Understanding and Helping Children with School Phobia

What do you do when your kid is suffering from school phobia? Learn how to help them cope. Read more.

Academics & Student Success

How to Help Your Child be a Great Student

We aren’t born with study skills, unfortunately. Learn about ways to keep kids positive using strong routines and habits. Read more.

Navigating the Homework Blues

How about we all avoid crying over math homework this year? There are a few simple steps you can take to make homework time more relaxed and less stressful for everyone involved. Read more.

How to Become Valedictorian

An oldie but a goodie. Back in 2014, we talked to local valedictorians about how they snagged the top spot in their graduation class. Most of their timeless advice still rings true today. Read more.

See Also

10 Ways for Students to Maintain Positive Momentum All School Year

As parents, we play a huge role in helping shape our kids’ attitudes. Check out some tips for helping your child maintain a positive attitude and momentum throughout the year. Read more.

Parental Involvement

Volunteering in Your Child’s Classroom

If you have a flexible schedule, you should consider volunteering in your kid’s classroom—learn why. Read more.

Back to School: What Educators Wish Parents Knew

Last year, educators from all over the greater Texarkana area shared things they wish parents knew about their children’s education. Spoiler alert: they truly love your kids. Read more.

Homeschooling & After School

Starting Your Homeschooling Journey

Nearly seven years into her own wild homeschooling ride, writer Nichole Holze shares her tips for beginning to homeschool your children. Read more.

After-School Activities Build Healthy Habits

After-school activities aren’t just fun—they also have a ton of social, physical and educational benefits. Check out after-school activity options that are available in our area. Read more.

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