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NAPPA Awards: Eight Products Your Kids Will Love This January

NAPPA Awards: Eight Products Your Kids Will Love This January

My First Puzzle - Dinosaur
by Elena Epstein
Director of the National Parenting Product Awards
Shadow Play Books

Shadow Play Books

Unfold the book, turn down the lights and switch on a flashlight to be transported into a world of imagination. These magic books will inspire parents and kids to share nightly stories.

$39.90, ages birth+, shadowplay.store

Train Your Mind Like a Ninja

Train Your Mind Like a Ninja

A card deck with 30 “secret skills for fun, focus and resilience.” Using ninja training and martial arts as a fun framework, these cards help kids increase their focus, compassion, emotional balance and awareness.

$18.95, ages 5-9, shambhala.com

Name & Tame Your Anxiety

Name & Tame Your Anxiety

Describes what anxiety is, how it works and how to manage it. This guide also explains self-advocacy and “translates” the common (and strange) things adults say about anxiety.

$14.99, ages 9-13, freespirit.com

Quisi Games

QuiSi Games (“We-See”)

A set of 210 photo cards with games and activities that foster creativity and ignite curiosity. Each photo card connects visually with other photo cards in the deck, based on similar patterns, shapes, colors – really, anything you can imagine.

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$35, ages 4+, shop.ouisi.co/


Capture your child’s milestones with this easy-to-use app. Members receive daily texts, prompting them to text back a moment or milestone with a photo. Qeepsake securely builds these texts and photos into a digital journal that can be shared with family and printed into a book.

$95.88, qeepsake.com

My First Puzzle - Dinosaur

My First Puzzle – Dinosaur

Double-sided puzzle pieces feature dinosaurs on one side and bones/skeletons on the other. Great for building problem-solving skills and imagination. The number of pieces increase step-by-step to challenge toddlers through their developmental growth. $13.99, ages 2-4, toiworld.com

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