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Diary of a Party Planner: Football Fever

Diary of a Party Planner: Football Fever

by Ashley Gibbs

Are you ready for some football? Celebrate kick-off this year with friends and family by hosting a relaxed gathering. Order pizza or grill burgers, let the kids run around in the yard, and enjoy the game, because with football on the big screen you can’t go wrong. So, whether it is the Super Bowl, your child’s birthday or just Monday night, here are a few ideas to help make your party a success while you cheer on your team.

Coloring PageFree Coloring Pages

Google and print coloring pages with a football theme. A fun and free activity for your young party-goers. You can print these pages on your home printer, adding an activity that fits perfectly in line with your theme, To take it one step further, add stickers and watercolors along with markers and crayons. We found these pages at www.bigactivities.com/coloring.

Field Goal Game

To keep kids entertained during the game (and possibly the adults too), play pin the football for a field goal. There are two simple ways to make it. You can construct it directly on a wall with painter’s tape, or easily cut it out of poster board and then mount it wherever the game will be played. Next, cut small footballs out of construction paper, adding some sticky tack or double-sided tape to the back of them. Lastly, gather the kids, take turns blindfolding them and see who can get those three points.

football drinksDefense Drinks

Cutesy up the drink station with store-bought juice boxes wrapped up like footballs. Just make sure your little players don’t think it is a good idea to see how far they can throw them. Wrap brown card stock (cut to the size of your drinks) around the outside of a juice box, securing it with double-sided tape or glue. Next cut one long white strip and a couple of smaller ones, gluing them on the card stock down the front of the juice box to create the football’s stitching. This same idea can be applied to empty aluminum cans. Using the card stock or acrylic paint, repurpose the cans as silverware caddies or crayon and marker holders.

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Football Favors

Take a time out to say thank you and send guests home with something reminiscent of the football stadium. Salty pretzels, boxed candy or freshly roasted peanuts in a brown paper bag is the perfect way to go. Add some charm to the paper bags by rolling the sides down and attaching a personalized tag with an old-fashioned clothespin.

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