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From the Publisher – June/July 2021

From the Publisher – June/July 2021

Surprised to see a new face in the publisher’s column? Me too! Publishing a magazine is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, when I learned that people would actually pay you to write and design things, but it’s not something I thought was really an option for me. Until now.

I love what past publishers Heather Thomson and Robin Rogers have done with this magazine over the years. As the mom of a 9-year-old and a 7-year-old, I am excited to build on Heather’s and Robin’s work to bring relevant and interesting content that will help us all be better parents and, hopefully, to help us find ways to enjoy parenting more along the way.

One of my priorities has been building a website, txkparent.com, where you’ll soon be able to find the last decade of Texarkana Parent content, along with some extras, like our summer camp and activity guide.

Another priority is growing our social media presence. If you look at the back page of this issue, you’ll see several kids with their favorite local restaurant dishes. I found those kids by asking Texarkana-Area Parents Facebook group members to share their kids’ favorite dishes. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, join us at facebook.com/groups/txkparents.

Health—whether physical, mental or emotional—has been a looming topic since the COVID-19 pandemic drastically disrupted our way of life. I can think of tons of health-related topics that parents like me are constantly worrying about, discussing and Googling (with less than helpful results).

Recently I asked members of Texarkana-Area Parents what their biggest challenges, issues or questions are when it comes to their children’s health. One topic that came up was mental health. In this issue you can learn how to help your child use focused attention to combat stress and anxiety. And who knows? Maybe you’ll learn a few techniques that you can use for yourself.

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While I couldn’t cover all of the health topics mentioned in the group in this issue, you will learn about the important work the Children’s Advocacy Center is doing and how Redwater ISD school nurses have coped with the pandemic. You will also find information about local yoga classes for kids, the challenges of having a sibling with special needs, and more.

I want to thank Robin for giving me the opportunity to make my childhood dream a reality and my parents, husband and friends for cheering me on. And finally, thank you for reading Texarkana Parent. It’s an honor to join you on your parenting journey.


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