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Parent Profile: Shanetta Cannon

Parent Profile: Shanetta Cannon

Cannon Family

Husband: Edward “Buck” Cannon

Family: Cameron Cannon (age 7) and Avery Cannon (12 weeks old)

When did you know that you wanted to be a parent?

I knew that I wanted to become a parent once I began dating my husband almost 20 years ago! But I was told during that time by my former gynecologist that I probably would not be able to have kids (or that it would be extremely difficult to conceive) because I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). After that, I kind of never really thought about having kids again. To my surprise, I became pregnant within two months after I got married and we weren’t even trying! Unfortunately, that pregnancy resulted in the stillbirth of my first son, Bryceton.

What is your most proud parenting moment?

My son Cameron is on the autism spectrum and also has ADHD. For years, he had problems with processing and articulating his emotions nor could he understand other people’s emotions. Back in 2019, Cameron began praying and specifically asking God for a baby sister. I had no idea why, nor did I ever plan on having anymore kids (it had taken five years after my firstborn just to have Cameron)! But the day before Mother’s Day 2020, I found out that I was pregnant again… and it was his little sister! Ever since Avery has been here, Cameron has excelled in showing empathy for others’ emotions and understanding them. He can articulate how he feels because of his care with her. Allowing him to assist in raising he his therapeutic for him, and I believe my most proud parenting moment: To see him interact with what he prayed for and see how it helps him defy the cons of his disabilities. She is here because of him.

What is your favorite book that you read to your children?

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What is your favorite children’s movie or a film that you loved as a kid?

My favorite children’s movie as a kid was The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking!

What is a favorite time spent as a family at your home?

Playing board games with Cameron that my husband and I used to play when we were kids! We are big on the boardgames Trouble. Our family gets competitive and likes to talk smack while playing. We have so much fun!

What is the best parenting advice you have ever received?

Love them. Understand them. Do the best that you can. And when you’ve done your best, love them some more the rest of the way.

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I hope to teach (or I hope I’ve taught) my children…

That they are somebody. That they are amazing. That they are loved and they are expected to love.

Avery unexpectedly came early through an emergency C-section. Everything happened so fast because she was sick and had to be whisked away to the NICU immediately. She spent almost one month there. I felt so terrified and guilty because I was a Type 2 diabetic and she was experiencing problems because of that during my pregnancy. The staff at St. Michael’s NICU were absolutely phenomenal with us! Avery had problems with her kidneys, breathing, blood pressure and heart. It was extremely overwhelming. But the doctors and nurses broke down every explanation to keep us informed and involved in Avery’s status. We could not have asked for better people to take care of her. I would tell other parents who are experiencing a NICU stay to call upon their church, prayer circles and support systems if they believe in God and the power of prayer like my husband did. We had hundreds of people praying and some whom we have never met. It made the difference! Stay kind to and very much involved with the NICU staff. They understand the anxiety and emotions that run through us parents. They love our babies, too, and their goal is to save them and keep us connected. No matter how long it takes, stay strong and shower your little ones in there with so much comfort and love.

Photos by Trent Hines

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