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Helpful Hints for a Homemade Halloween Costume

Helpful Hints for a Homemade Halloween Costume

Lumberjack Costume
by Heather Thomson

Keep It Simple

There is no need to build an elaborate or complicated costume, especially if this is a first-time do-it-yourself project for you. Think of the most simple way to design your idea and go with it. Children tend to wear costumes that have few parts, feel comfortable and are easy to get on.

Choose Your Child’s Favorite Theme

It doesn’t have to be a superhero or Disney character, but maybe a hobby or theme they often talk about. Pictured here is a hot air balloon, but maybe your child loves popsicles or would like to be a candy bar.

Get Creative With Supplies

Before running out to the store, try roaming through your house and finding untraditional items to work as props for your costume. Pull out your arts and crafts supplies, but also consider cutting up and using old clothes.

Think Three-Dimensional

Create the “awe” effect with your child by being slightly elaborate. Maybe use a box, glitter, cotton balls – items with texture that will make your child even more excited about the homemade costume.

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Be Ready To Modify

The more prepared you are to adjust and go with the flow, the better off you will be. There will most likely be a rip, tear or other last-minute need to alter the costume, but that’s okay,  just be ready for it.

Hot Air Balloon CostumeHomemade Hot Air Balloon Costume


  • 36” Helium-Filled Balloon
  • Basket
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn: off white, ‘bumpy’ yarn
  • Old dress with straps that you don’t mind cutting up.
  • Works best with straps that adjust.(Like overalls)
  • 4 Brown paper lunch bags
  • Jacket
  • Scarf
  • Knit hat
  • Kids scuba mask


  1. Find a basket and cut a hole in the bottom to fit around your child’s hips.
  2. Take an old dress with straps, and hot glue the bottom of the dress to the bottom of the basket.
  3. Tie yarn to the basket and fasten it to the knot at the base of the balloon to make it seem as if the rope was holding up the basket.
  4. To make stripes on the balloon, use colored ribbon and carefully double tape them from top to bottom.
  5. For sandbags, crumble and stuff four brown paper lunch bags each with a plastic grocery bag (so it would be light) and hang them off the four corners of the basket.
  6. To get an ‘aviator’ look, dress your child in a jean jacket. To hide the strapped dress, add a scarf and fastened a kiddie scuba mask (painted black) to a knit hat.

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