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19395 Farm-to-Market Road 125, Bivins, Texas 75565, United States, McLeod, Texas
Description: • 903.796.7181
19395 FM 125
McLeod, TX 75565

Superintendent: Cathy May

Grade Levels: Pre-K3–12


  • McLeod Elementary (Pre-K3–4)
  • McLeod Middle School (5-8)
  • McLeod High School (9-12)

Average Enrollment: 410

Average ACT Score: 19.8

4-Year Graduation Rate: 95.8%

Annual Dropout Rate: 0%

Dual Credit Classes: Yes

Enrollment: Contact the Administration Office at 903.796.7181 for more details. Must have proof of physical address within school district or approved transfer from another Texas school district, social security card, birth certificate and shot record.

Contact Information
Phone: 903-796-7181

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